TH!NK2: Climate Change Round One Winners Announced

On November 4, 2009, the European Journalism Centre announced the TH!NK2: Climate Change Round One Winners. Each of the three winners for Round One of TH!NK2: Climate Change will receive a 500 Euro gift certificate to or a donation to a charity of the winner's choosing in the same amount.

Two additional winners of the Honorary Video Award will receive a 250 Euro gift certificates to, or a donation to a charity of the winner's choosing in the same amount.

I would first like to say that I am honoured to be included among such great authors. As for the winners themselves, eventually it comes down to the way one personally feels about an article or a video. However, I think each one is somewhat objectively justified.

Sinisa was able to blend together a touching story and a detailed research, keeping the structure simple and the attention high throughout the whole post. The characteristics of a true journalist.

Jodi’s video was very simple, minimal. Sometimes you don’t need complex things to get the point across. Very effective in its simplicity.

As soon as I read Hemant’s post I knew he was going to win the impact category. I remember I even mentioned to Petrine a few days ago. It wasn’t difficult to see that coming. smile

Christopher used all what’s necessary for a good video. It has lights, editing, presence, screenplay and planning. Bravo.

As for me… well, it’s not up to me to judge.

I just think that there were many other posts that deserved as much as ours. And that makes very excited to be in this competition, regardless on how it’s going to end.

Thank you guys.