VidCon: Motivation. Inspiration. Fascination.

How would you describe your experience of in three words? It's a question that I find myself asking more frequently, both to myself and to other people, and at every iteration the interest and the expectation grows accordingly.

It forces you to think, reflect, and internalize emotions and situations that would otherwise pass by you, forever out of reach, evanescent, fleeting entities that disappear the moment you experience them.

And so I ask that question.

I savor the moment when I look into the eyes of my interlocutor, shining as they move to the upper left, a sign that they are accessing that part of the creative brain that creates new, spectacular pathways into the synaptic connectome of their mind. And I await with a smile of satisfaction, knowing that they are creating new memories, that this process of voluntary reflection will help them solidify what they have experienced, thus appreciate it more deeply.

You can tell when they are making the effort, walking that extra step that is undoubtably more difficult, but that pays off exponentially more than simply glazing over and answering in autopilot. Then comes the sudden epiphany, thoughts have been processed, memories formed, and the smile becomes contagious, as they become finally aware of what they have been missing out until the moment you changed their mindset and forced them to look at themselves under a different perspective. Words have been attached to these new structures, and the act of voicing them will reinforce them, like building a solid foundation from which cathedral and castles are erected, in all their splendor and immensity.

Now comes my favorite part. Will they open the doors of their mental cathedral with you, thus sharing a commons space, and quite literally opening up to you, making themselves vulnerable? A quite challenging and scary thought, albeit no less rewarding than the previous one.

I thoroughly enjoy walking into new buildings – be them humble houses or majestic skyscrapers – all made of mind-stuff.

Excitement. Expectation. Vulnerability. But also exploration, openness, and connection.

And so I ask that question. And I eagerly wait to see the building that will be created before my eyes. Minds. Engines of creation.

In a way, isn't that what all great art does?

I was sharing this moment with Matthew Clarke, the creator of "Convos With My 2-Year-Old". I find it remarkable how he was able to capture the essence of being in that situation, a father exploring this new jungle of emotions, the universe of the mind of a little girl growing up, who can create elaborate worlds and establish new, unpredictable, and surprising connections. And he made the effort, he did walk that extra step, where you become aware of your experience, process it, internalize it, create archetypes of it and re-process it into a new format, accessible to the minds of others. Video. Such a powerful, mind-expanding medium.

I respect those able to walk that extra step, who can give us a glimpse into their mind and into the nature of their experience, thanks to which we can feel more connected, and less alone.

Art. Great art is about communication, and intention.

I like to ask questions. To scratch that part of the mind that isn't often visited, too far from the usual routine of everyday existence. I did that with Kevin from Vsauce 2, and we shared that special moment. I did that with Derek from Veritasium, and Henry from MinutePhysics, and many other great YouTube creators, whose passion, curiosity, and art reaches millions of inquisitive minds across the globe.

This is what I loved about VidCon. That I could ask these questions, and instead of receiving glazed eyes, I saw cathedrals being erected in front of me, cities of thoughts and ideas that I could walk and explore.

Motivation. Inspiration. Fascination.

Thank you VidCon.

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