Video -> Is Bush an "idiot"? Or just Inarticulate?

Judge for yourself.

Is Bush an "idiot"? Or just Inarticulate?


Youtube and the power of the community: freedom

Internet can be very beneficial to some people. It can be use for a variety of means. We all know how YouTube is the most popular free video sharing website in the World. It has endless possibilities, millions of users and even more content. Though this opportunity is often misused. Low value content, dancing idiots, aroused teenagers showing themselves in front of a webcam and so on. If you randomly looked at 20 videos on YT you could think that it pretty well depicts the demise of human civilisation.

But this is not all that there is to it. YouTube has two of the most important factors of the Web 2.0 revolution.

  1. Visibility: literally millions of users visiting the website everyday. That's not something you can find that often. If nobody reads your blog... it's like to having a blog, you could just write on your diary.
  2. Democracy: at its true form. The cost of making a short video is close to nothing. A 50$ cellphone, a webcam, a second hand computer. All the original non-pornographic non-violent content is allowed. Politicians cannot and shall not put their dirty hands on what people have to say.
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